Final Dive – 360 Video

Today marks our final dive on the S.S. Thistlegorm wreck.  Jon Henderson and Mike Postons have spent the last 7 days recording underwater 360 degree video from around the wreck, both inside and out.

The duo had been using the Kolor GoPro Abyss 360 video rig, positioning the camera in locations both inside and outside the wreck.  The final dive involved mounting the camera to the front of a DPV (underwater scooter), driven by Simon Brown, to create a virtual dive around the entire wreck site.

In total they recorded over 50 hours of video footage (6 hours of 360 video footage) and now the task of post-processing and stitching begins.  The videos will be featured on the website, ready for it’s launch on the 06.10.2017, marking the 76th anniversary of the sinking.

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