Mike Postons


Mike Postons is the founder of 3deep Media, a design agency specialising in interactive mapping, visual effects, VR and web applications. A graduate in Graphic Design from Falmouth University, Mike has a passion for scuba diving and holds an Advanced Recreational Trimix qualification. Combined with an interest in modern history, this led him to develop some of the first ever digital 3D models of shipwrecks for archaeological purposes.

Over the past 6 years his company has worked with a number of international clients including; NOAA, SONY & Intel, Nautical Archaeological Society, Time Team as well as a number of universities.

Role within project

Mike was brought in as a digital technician and took the lead with the capturing and post-processing of the 360 degree video data.  Together with Jon Henderson they explored the wreck with the Kolor GoPro Abyss camera rig and positioned a series of statics shots, as well as some carefully planning moving sequences.  On arrival back in the UK Mike handled the post processing of the video data, beginning with stitching the hours of individual video files, transforming them into 360 interactive videos.

Mike was also in charge of the visual effects outputs for the project.  Using the photogrammetry meshes captured by Simon Brown, Mike imported these into 3D and visual effects software to create realistic visualisations of how the wreck appears on the seabed.  These were featured in both the project trailer as well as the interactive 3D tours.  Finally Mike was also handled the design and development of The Thistlegorm Project website.