Wreck Survey

A complete survey of the Thistlegorm wreck site, featuring cutting edge photogrammetry and 360 video.


High Resolution 3D Models

Using cutting-edge technology and processing techniques, the S.S. Thistlegorm shipwreck has now been recorded in 3D through photogrammetry processes.   These accurate 3D models cover both the external and internal areas of the wreck in detail.  Furthermore, orthographic mosaics in very high resolution show the layout of the site down to centimeter accuracy.

360° Underwater Video

Explore the S.S Thistlegorm shipwreck with our 360 degree underwater video tours.

Our aim was to capture both static shots from inside and outside the wreck as well as moving footage from around the wreck. The final dive involved mounting the Abyss system to the front of a DPV (underwater scooter) and using this to create a complete 360 degree virtual dive around the wreck site.