Update – The Captain’s Room

Filling in the Gaps

After scanning the SS Thistlegorm last year we knew  much had been covered, but there were areas missed. The stern crew quarters was one area, and the Captain’s Room another. The crew quarters were a little cramped to squeeze the camera in but the Captain’s Room – the area directly below the bridge – was simply overlooked.


Image by Simon Brown/www.deep3d.co.uk

Digital Elevation Models – Data Meets Art

The Data

Digital Elevation Models (DEM) are a very effective way of visually communicating the height of an object. As the colours shift from red (shallow) to blue (deep) the elevation or depth of an object like a wreck on the seabed is quickly understood. With the photogrammetry survey of the SS Thistlegorm extending over 5 acres we can see exactly how the depth water over the ship changes:


Ortho Photos – Massive Detail

Ortho what?

With the 3D model built, it is possible to create a single, massive scaled and GPS referenced 2D image of the site – an ortho photo. In the case of the SS Thistlegorm we have 5:


Fieldwork Complete

The fieldwork for The Thistlegorm Project is now complete.  The international team of archaeologists, divers and digital technicians are now on their way back to Hurghada ready to begin the task of post processing the several terabytes of data collected over the past 10 days.


3D Processing Begins

Over the past 6 days Simon has been navigating every inch of the Thistlegorm wreck.  Spending a total of 806 minutes (13hrs 43mins) capturing over 24,307 high resolution images, amounting to 637Gb.  After completing the final dive this data is now ready to be processed into digital 3D models through photogrammetry techniques.