Sue Cobb


Sue Cobb is Head of the Human Factors Research Group (HFRG) in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham. As a founding member of the Virtual Reality Applications Research Team (VIRART), a sub-group of HFRG established in 1992, she has expertise in human factors aspects of design and use of virtual reality and interactive systems. Sue was Project Coordinator of the recently completed EU-funded project 3D-PITOTI (FP7-600645), 2013-2016. This project developed new technologies and techniques for 3D Acquisition, Processing and Presentation of Prehistoric Rock Art ( The human factors contribution to this project included coordination of the iterative design process involving a multi-disciplinary design team of archaeologists, engineers and computer scientists. Outputs include a bespoke 3D scanner for scanning rock art in mountainous environments, multi-viewer interactive displays for collaborative navigation and scientific exploration of a large scale virtual model of areas of the UNESCO world heritage rock art site in Valcamonica, Italy, and a rock-art storytelling app for schoolchildren.


Role within project

Supporting a user-centred design approach to development of Presence in the Past resources for scientific exploration and teaching in higher education. Evaluation of usability and use of novel interactive resources for student learning.