Ayman H. Taher


British / Egyptian dual nationality, born in Cairo 13 May 1963 , living and working in Red Sea Egypt. Started professional Scuba Diving occupation 1986. Assisted in founding and served as board member in leading non-governmental organizations in the fields of culturally and environmentally sensitive sunken wrecks and marine life protection and conservation. Founded the Blue Heaven Holidays in 2002 production and service provider enterprise offering Scuba Diving Experiences and Documentary and Scientific film production services.


My first role was to provide the team of archaeologist and professional photographers with a seaworthy live-aboard with a highly qualified crew capable to accomplish the survey with no hassle, permits, and also to provide all necessary scuba equipment, breathing gases, underwater scooters and last and not least life-saving and safety equipment. Secondly my role is to help promote the outcomes of the survey to the Egyptian government in order to mandate and command regulations and protection schemes for diving and visiting the wreck.